collection of pieces

(Back) Raymond De Zwart cuttle fish cast pendant, 18ct white gold with pearl (left) and Astro Labe pendant with Yellow Gold and ... (right)
(Front left to right) Katzinka rings - 18ct Yellow Gold with sapphire (top) and 18ct White gold (bottom)
Suzi Zutic ring 'St Catherine' - sterling silver with diamonds (front)
Darren Harvey '3000 BC' cufflinks - sterling silver (back)
Raymond De Zwart - sterling silver ring, 18ct Yellow gold with peridot (middle) and 9ct gold studs with reticulated quartz (back)
Suzi Zutic studs - sterling silver with australian sapphires (front)
Raymond De Zwart cuttlefish cast ring, 18ct White gold with rough cut diamond (back)